Our Mission

Advancing the Paradigm of Chronic Pain Treatment

The treatment of chronic pain has evolved dramatically over the last 20 years where advancements in research, technology and pharmaceuticals have completely transformed the patient experience. At Pacific Pain And Spine, patients have a plethora of options to lower their risk of harm while also keeping the pain far more manageable than before.

Founded by Dr. Afzaal Iqbal, a double-board certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine Physician, Pacific Pain and Spine offers world-class, cutting edge pain management in an exceptionally supportive patient environment. He routinely manages a wide-spectrum of chronic pain from minor injuries to decades-long, complex, multifocal pain. He is a sought-after expert in a wide-array of the latest pharmacotherapy, injections and minimally invasive surgical pain treatments. Dr. Iqbal prioritizes safety and efficacy, meticulous outcome tracking and consistent communication. Above all, he treats with patience and compassion, forming lasting relationships with his patients.

A Collaborative Approach

Compassion and Communication are Central to our Ethos

We believe in listening carefully without judgement and formulating a diagnosis that encompasses the complexity of your pain experience. Years of treating complex conditions have taught us that only a collaborative approach driven by patient motivation and encouragement promotes long-term sustainable healing. We use tools that are evidence-based and track outcomes to create meaningful, personalized care that results in tangible, measurable success


Leading the Way

Revolutionalizing Pain Treatment with Technology, Insight and Creativity

Dr. Iqbal is among the few Orange County pain physicians with extensive expertise in the most advanced minimally invasive pain treatments available today. He is frequently sought out by referring physicians regarding patients who have failed traditional interventions. His approach is highly-customized and he often puts together novel methods to treat the most complex conditions.  His evidence-based treatments have allowed patients to avoid or delay invasive surgery and improve their quality of life substantially. He only moves as aggressive as his patients desire and advocates the least invasive treatments first prior to pursuing more complex alternatives. He also tracks his patients with a data-driven approach that brings objectivity, balance and reliability to his treatments.



I have never had a doctor that cared more or truly listens to you than Dr. Iqbal. His staff is friendly, he always answers back my messages within a few hours, and really does whatever he can to help you as much as he is able. The second pain management doctor I have had, and one of the best doctors I have ever had no matter what specialty. Your health and well-being are truly what he cares about and it shows in how you are treated!!!
Jessica B.
Dr.Iqbal is awesome... staff is cheery and polite. Everyone is kind, understanding and listens to you. Not like the cattle call of other pain management programs. They are real people here. I really recommend this spot. I really respect Dr. Iqbal. Hope this helps:)
Cat H.
The kindest staff, Dr. Iqbal actually cares for his patients. I appreciate that he acknowledges that he hears my complaints and guides me in the direction that I need to take. Your health and well-being are truly cared about and it shows in the attentiveness he gives to all his patients!
Ashley I.
I have been Dr. Iqbal's patient for several years now. When we met, I was barely functioning. Thanks to the amazing treatment there, I'm now back to work with a smile on my face. My treatment is ongoing, it's what keeps me whole. Bottom line, they truly care about each patient they see with no judgment. THANKS TEAM!!
Shirley P.
My SCS is a game changer. I am back to standing upright without pain. Dr Iqbal is great.
Richard G.
I have been a chronic pain patient for 10+ years and have seen numerous pain doctors - I can confidently say I have never met another physician as calculated, skilled, and compassionate as Dr. Iqbal. He is an out-of-the-box, critical thinker and spends real, actual time with his patients to understand the "bigger picture" so as to most accurately direct treatment options and care. He is a true professional and I am fortunate and grateful to be his patient. I am also grateful for the fantastic staff who are cool, collected, responsive, and genuinely a great team. They have gone out of their way for me a number of times and always with the utmost professionalism. I couldn't speak more highly of the practice.
Love his kind thoughtfulness - pays attention to you I have had several procedures with him including radio frequency in my knees and prp procedures in his office. All of them very helpful.
Patricia H.
Dr. Iqbal is very patient, kind, informative & friendly. I'm very satisfied with how much he knew before coming into the room, about my condition & needs.
After years of pain, and bad pain management, Dr. Iqbal has been a god send! Finally I have someone on my team who truly cares, listens, and is willing to help find a long term solution. Not just throw some pills at you and send you on your way. He always responds quickly and he is very kind and thoughtful. For the first time in 13 years I finally feel like there is hope
Charles H.
Dr Iqbal is great. He knows the answers off the top of his head that other doctors have struggled for months, which saves me a lot of pain and suffering. Im not the easiest patient to please and I still wouldn't go elsewhere.
Adam D.
Dr Iqbal is wonderful. Works with me to find a pain regimen that helps with my cancer pain. Listens to me. Wait time is little and he answers any emails I have sent him within 24 hours.
Mary H.
Dr Iqbal has the hands of a master, and in his care, my pain is being managed, not covered up.
I can't thank Dr. Iqbal enough for his expertise and kindness. Dr. Iqbal is the third pain specialist I have seen after injuring my neck falling off a ladder from roof height. After having both sides of my neck injected, for the first time in two years I had no pain at all! The change in my life has been dramatic. Dr. Iqbal has truly been a miracle worker.
Great doctor. Very attentive and took the time to get to know his new patient and my history.
Jessica L.
The doctor took time and care to listen to my story/ concerns and wants to follow up with me closely so we can make sure our treatment plan works. Amazing doctor.
Ellie F.
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